Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Welcome!!! :)

Welcome to the Traveling New Yorker!!!

I created this blog to share my experiences as an eager young traveler and encourage fellow adventurous people to get up and explore this beautiful world!!! A few months ago I returned from an inspiring 16 day excursion to Manila and Bangkok. All it took was an amazing two week experience to be hooked on the "travel bug". It's incredible how much I learned from this trip, both about myself and the art of traveling. I like to think that I am a smart traveler, incorporating a balanced blend of tourist and local activities. For example, when in Bangkok, exploring the Grand Palace was amazing as I battled fellow foreigners for my beautiful photo outside of the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Yet at the same time, an evening watching the sunset while getting lost on a ferry boat filled with commuters and discovering a quaint village on the outskirts of the city proved to be just as rewarding.
Flying 19 hours away and taking two weeks off of work isn't easy for the average 9-5 working American. I will also focus on travel on a smaller scale, which are good options for a weekend road trip getaway. Nothing beats getting out on the open road with a car full of buddies where getting there is half the fun! The northeast offers laid back cities such as Boston and Toronto which are great long weekend excursions and offer tons of activities that satisfy all interests. Being a crazy hockey fan (Let's Go Rangers!) I have often traveled to these cities to simultaneously catch my Rangers in action.
When I travel I like to experience life in that place how a typical local would, mixed with a bit of interesting "touristy" activities to learn about history and witness natural beauty. When it comes to eating food it's local all the way though. This takes some research at home and a lot of observing once arrived. I think of the places I would want to bring my friends who visit the city. To me nothing beats a great slice of pizza from my favorite local joint or a simple bar that offers a big tasty burger and generous selection of beer. Or to a homey neighborhood joint that consistently delivers great food and makes me leave with a smile on my face and a happy stomach. I'm excited to share some of my stories, filled with pictures to go along describing the experience. Hopefully some of my experiences will teach and inspire anybody who decides to pack up and explore. I will update as I find new opportunities to get away, as well as some great places and events I find in the city.I'll welcome any suggestions, criticism and stories that anybody out there would like to share. It's all about learning more and becoming a smarter traveler, so please feel free to share anything on here.

Thanks for checking the Traveling New Yorker out, and get ready for some updates soon!

Peter :)


  1. travel to toronto?? pick me, pick me! i've never been, and i have my passport card ready! =)

  2. Thanks Chaz!

    And Suzanne, Toronto is great! It's so much fun and a great place to watch a hockey game :)